Resolute Magazine aims to create an environment where multi-ethnic media is normal. With that, we focus on four major industries: Fashion, Art, Music, and Film, in order to share the stories of the many people within those industries and the social justice problems that have left people of color feeling left out of the conversation. Our culture section also covers industries just as important, as well as gives the community an outlet to share their heart and their work. You don't have to be a published writer to be considered, but you do have to think beyond everyday news. We also accept Q and A's and Profiles on multiethnic creatives and entrepreneurs.

So, would you like to write for us? We post every Monday-Friday.

Submission Guidelines

Resolute Magazine operates under two forms of submissions: pitches and completed pieces. We DO NOT accept previously published stories. Posts written for Resolute Magazine CANNOT be submitted and published elsewhere.

1. What do you look for in a pitch?

Our goal is to publish overlooked stories. Don't pitch us something we can find on Google; think outside of the box. Resolute Magazine is not a fast-paced media site, therefore, we do not publish articles on a time limit. All pitches MUST be two paragraphs long stating the story's angle, the projected word count, and why it is relevant to Resolute Magazine. 

PLEASE stick to two paragraphs when pitching. Send your second draft, not your first. 

2. How do I submit?

For pitches, send them through our contact page. We are currently working on a page for you to send already written articles. Again, we DO NOT accept previously published articles.

3. How long should articles be?

No less than 300-450 words, no more than 800 words. For personal essays, 800-1,000 words. For short stories, do not exceed 2,000 words. Q and A's can be between 1,000 - 2,000 words. 

4. Can I submit photos?

Yes! Most of our photos are submitted by the people we interview and are properly credited from online, but we definitely are always open to original photos. 

Any other questions? Contact us and let us know!