Resolute Magazine is a digital and print publication for the multi-ethnic Christian community. By celebrating creatives and entrepreneurs of color, Resolute places people of color at the forefront of media. With a heart for wanting to see more people of color engage with the world by using their talents, Resolute Magazine also donates 15% of print sales for each issue to a creative or entrepreneurial project or endeavor of its choice.




Founded by Shonette Reed, she decided a year in, to focus primarily on the Christian multiethnic creative and entrepreneurial community. It is important to her  that all voices be heard and all experiences be shared in media. Which frequently, and even in Christian circles, can have more white spaces and voices than anything. That limits the perspectives we hear from and have and it’s not representative of the world we live in. Focusing primarily on individuals in the fashion, art, music, and film industries, Shonette hopes to not only accurately tell the stories of these individuals, but to inspire individuals who may not know where to start or may want to give up.


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Resolute Magazine covers fashion, art, music, and film broadly. That means you can chat with the artist as well as the DJ. Go to the designer as well as the print makers. Each of these God-given paths work together for the successful operation of another and we're making it our goal to share that with people. As we work to build our team, we're looking at publishing one to two of the pieces listed below each month (we are working to expand this based on what we receive). If you've never written for Resolute Magazine, please send a one paragraph pitch (do not exceed one paragraph, we will not read it) to us. If you have a completed work you’d like to submit, check the guidelines below before submission.

  • Writers can submit work surrounding the areas of Fashion, Art, Music, Film, Culture, and social justice.

  • Written work must be AP Style (with the exception of poetry and personal essays).

  • Please proofread before you press send :).

  • Ask for photo requirements before you submit one.

Word Counts:

  • Q and A's: 1,000-2,000 words

  • Profiles: 800-1,200 words

  • Original research: 500-1,000 words

  • Opinion: 800-1,000 words

  • Poetry: 50-word minimum

  • Personal Essays: 600-1,000 words


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