Issue One: Silhouettes (Digital)


Issue One: Silhouettes (Digital)


Check out our first issue of Resolute Magazine! Learn how we started, about cool businesses to support and follow, go through a short tour of South Central Los Angeles and read some poetry.



Lilly Tokuyama Aims To "Share And Do Good" by Tonika Reed

Located in Fullerton, California, Lilly Tokuyama started Share And Do Good after seeing the need for more access to ethical fashion. With a background in ministry, Lilly found the name of the shop in Hebrews 13:16.


Streetlights Bible: Same Word, Different Delivery by David Daniels

An audio bible started nearly a decade ago, Streetlights Bible started when Esteban Shedd saw the value in creating something that not only engages those who did not understand the bible but by doing so with Bible readings over a hip-hop instrumental.


A Name To Remember: How Olina Rose Began Nail Dega by Shonette Reed

Mississippi-native Olina Rose came to Los Angeles and started a consulting agency for independent artists with her fiance. The consulting quickly became a nail shop when she tapped into her passion and saw the need to create job opportunities in the city of Inglewood.


Also in this issue:

Poetry by Jamai Fisher

Behind The Cover Art with Artist Adijat Adams

Q and A with "Dear Southside" Founder Estefani Alarcon

Write-up on Arlington Heights-based "The Underground Museum"

A Visual Story of South Central Los Angeles

• This visual story gives a glimpse into the area of South Central that inspired the motive of Resolute Magazine's reaching a multiethnic audience.

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