Behind The "Phenomenal Woman" Video

By Shonette Reed

For Women’s History Month, the editor of Resolute Magazine got behind the camera and shot women of different ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities reciting Maya Angelou’s "Phenomenal Woman." The well-known and highly regarded poem was published in a short volume by Random House in 1995, a year after The Collected Poems of Maya Angelou had been released. This short volume was titled Phenomenal Woman and included four poems that celebrate womanhood including "Phenomenal Woman" and "Still I Rise."

As we kicked off Women’s History Month with this poem, the goal of our recitation of Phenomenal Woman was to celebrate ALL women. Though lacking some backgrounds because of timing and resources, and being a new publication, we brought together as many as we could to give our supporters a look into phenomenal womanhood.

These women are our mothers,

Our sisters,

Our stay-at-home moms,

Our working moms,

Our single mothers,

Our doctors,

Our lawyers,

Our students,

Our advocates,

Our beauticians,

Our makeup artists,

Our artists,

Our fashionistas,

Our entrepreneurs,

Our financial consultants,

Our teachers,

Our thinkers,

Our action takers,

Our caretaker’s.

These women struggle with health issues you may not be able to see.

These women are fighters,



An embodiment of strength,





These women have affected both your life and mine.

And, they are PHENOMENAL.