Propaganda Drops New Single "Darkie", Announces Album Release Date

by Resolute Magazine Staff

Propaganda is no stranger to demanding your attention. In his latest single, “Darkie” Propaganda does exactly that as he discusses the scars of black people with darker skin and the comfort found in detachment.

“Darkie”, which features Long Beach-based spoken word artist Micah Bournes and label mate Jackie Hill-Perry, starts off with harmful slurs thrown toward darker skin African-Americans sung by Micah Bournes. 

Propaganda starts his verse with, “I used to wish I was Puerto Rican ‘cause that type of black was different. They had curly hair and accents, and I would be called exotic. I would lie and say I’m half-something, mixed with this and that of sorts.” 

To some the feelings in this song are commonplace, to others they’re hearing the damage of the words they’ve uttered probably for the first time. 

 Propaganda’s album “Crooked” will be released on June 30th and is currently available for Pre-Order.

Crooked Ways (feat. Terence F. Clark)
It's Complicated
Bear with Me (feat. Marz Ferrer)
Cynical (feat. Aaron Marsh & Sho Baraka)
Slow Cook
Do Know Wrong (feat. Macho)
I Hate Cats
Darkie (feat. Jackie Hill-Perry and Micah Bournes)
It's Not Working (The Truth) (feat. Courtney Orlando)
Andrew Mandela (feat. Topknot Feather)
Made Straight (feat. Audrey Assad)