Write Bloody, Spill Pretty

In her second self-published book, Arielle Estoria co-authors "Write Bloody, Spill Pretty" with Sarah Wallick bringing a variety of experiences to the table. The book was released in February 2017 and is a collection of “heart whispers, difficult conversations, hope, and experiences with unforgettable people, expressed through poem.”

“Can we tell you how passionate we are about this book?” Sarah Wallick shared in an Instagram post. “Partly because Ari and I are rarely less than, haha. But more because it’s raw, it’s us and we’re absolutely honest. It’s hopeful and heart-breaking. It’s life-giving and inviting. It’s lessons we’ve learned the hard way. It’s freedoms we had to fight for and the battlefields we did that on. It’s what coming home to yourself sounds like.”

Estoria and Wallick were able to host release parties for the book in Northern and Southern California. It was there that they answered the questions surrounding their art, one of which dealt with the actual art on the cover of the book–and throughout the book– created by Los Angeles-based graphic designer and hand letterer Andrea Cenon.

The book is split into five sections: places, purpose, Abba, him, and her. Though a collaborative book, the poems are left unauthored allowing the reader the freedom to fully engage.



When God calls you to the edge

of unfamiliar shores,

Take in salt

Take in sea

Take in peace

And just breathe

watch the waves

and know that they are

no bigger than their creator

Do not be afraid

this is just the beginning

of the greatest adventure

written by the hands of a great God