Joseph Solomon "Silhouette"

Even with nearly 200,000 YouTube subscribers, Joseph Solomon continues to hold true to the gospel and the beginnings of what was “ChaseGodtv”, his YouTube channel, which is now known as “Joseph Solomon”. In his latest poem, “Silhouette: in love with the shape of you?”

 Solomon breaks down the way women are often viewed as a fragment rather than a whole. The poem is from his upcoming project, “Flights and Feelings”. In the video, the viewer is given brief glimpses into life in his neighborhood of West Garfield Park, Chicago before Solomon begins the poem with a striking statement. The poem is recited on the porch of a home next to a friend.

 “When she finds out you only loved her for her silhouette. How you only saw a blank in the middle. How she was made of the stuff of stars and you only saw dust.”

He makes it clear that this poem is from a man’s perspective. The “candid poem about lust, pornography, and image-bearers” challenges men to view women as the image in which they were created: God’s.

 “Society, social media and pornography have made us very focused on physical attraction, and I believe it has been to our detriment,” Solomon wrote in the YouTube video description. “I cannot speak from a woman's perspective but this is for, and from, the perspective of men. May God make us whole and help us to view each other as whole and not a fragment.”

 Check out the full video below.